How You Can 

Your Support

Your support of the The Night’s Shield helps ensure children & families receive shelter, food and innovative services to help them succeed in a nurturing environment.

Give Money

While we are able to provide shelter, food and basic needs for our residents, it is financially challenging to provide extra activities that nourish their mental and physical health. It is through donations and fundraising efforts that we are able to provide additional services and activities for abused and neglected children. Please contact the Shelter to arrange receipt of these donations.


We are fortunate to have numerous generous, creative and hard-working supporters who host their own fundraising events with The Night’s Shield Children’s Shelter as the beneficiary. Community-minded groups and businesses often use fundraising initiatives as outreach and team-building activities that help the community and promote awareness of their products and/or services. We call these Third-Party Fundraisers. We do like to know about these initiatives in advance, so we can lend a hand, if needed. We ask that Third-Party Fundraisers complete a simple agreement so that we can help promote the initiative and to ensure that The Night’s Shield’s name is not used for events conducted in an unethical

Give Time

All volunteers who work directly with our children must undergo an application and screening process before volunteering. Due to the possibility of conflicts of interest,  ndividuals with previous history in the foster care system are not permitted to volunteer as an on-site volunteer at the Shelter. However,
there are many other ways to help the Shelter and its residents. Volunteer criteria is detailed under Volunteer Opportunities below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Your support of the Night’s Shield means the difference between providing only the basic needs and a place where children in our community are nurtured and given the innovative services they need to help them succeed. Below is a list of On-site volunteer requirements and categories.

On-Site Volunteer Requirements

  • 21 Years of Age or Older
  • Application and Interview
  • Personal Reference Checks
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Urine Drug Screen
  • Medical Physical
  • Current Documentation of a Negative TB Test
  • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
  • Orientation Session


Start the process by filling out a simple application form. Once the form is submitted, a representative from the shelter will call you.
Click here to apply. If you have questions regarding the volunteer program please call Brenda Toms at (618) 932-6400.

Direct Services
Must go through the volunteer application process. Direct service volunteers may work as staff to care for and interact with children. This may include care for school aged children, infant/preschool care.

Group Service Projects
Group projects include important projects that are difficult for our staff to do on a day-to-day basis, such as landscaping and deep cleaning at the facility. Volunteers for Group Service Projects need to fill out an application and confidentiality agreement.

Support Services
Must go through the volunteer application process. Support service volunteers always work with staff as they care for and interact with children. This may include care for school aged children, infant/preschool care, outing chaperone or act as a helping hand during crafts or sports activities.

Special Events
Volunteers are not required to fill out any paperwork but can only volunteer at fundraisers and special events that occur off-site. To volunteer for special events, please email

Group Volunteer Opportunities
Group Childcare – Volunteer groups must all go through the volunteer application process for this opportunity, but once completed, groups can volunteer to come out to the Shelter and host organized, fun activities for the children (soccer games, pizza parties, bingo, etc).

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